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Get great deals and custom recommendations on top UAE brands. Plus, the more you buy, the more you’ll save on shipping with Delivero premier package consolidation!

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Shop retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, 6PM and thousands more for top brands and prices you can only find in the UAE.

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Get exclusive access to our online deals portal, members-only coupons, daily social media savings updates, great seasonal sales and more!

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Receive shopping recommendations hand-picked just for you, so you won’t miss the best deals and latest styles for all your favorite products.

Delivero Top Stores Reviews

Read and submit reviews of hundreds of top UAE online stores, so you can always make the best decisions when choosing UAE retailers, brands and products.

Package Return Services

Shop without worry! We are happy to help with product returns to UAE stores if your goods arrive at Delivero damaged, are not what you expected, or the wrong size or color.

Assistance from Delivero Personal Shoppers

Having difficulty buying from UAE stores, or simply don’t have the the time? Let our concierge shoppers make your purchases, so you can get more of what the UAE has to offer!

*Does not apply to ship requests made after 3pm ET on Saturdays, or on holidays. Shipments that may require additional time include those containing items under review or hazardous materials, oversized packages or where additional export documentation is required.