Terms and conditions:

Delivery time:

Delivero aims to deliver your product at your doorstep as early as possible. After the confirmation of your order it takes around 3-12 business days to deliver your order. Here it is worth mentioning that this delivery timeframe is subject to normal conditions and circumstances in case of any extraordinary international situation like clearance delay, delivery period could be affected. However you can always check on with our team to get notified about the status of your order.

Exchange and return policy:

It is our top priority to solve any delivery related issues of our customers. However, the exchange and return of the delivered product is utterly contingent upon the terms and conditions devised by the web store you want to make purchase from. If you want to initiate a return or exchange request we advise you to first check with the web store’s policies and then notify us, our team will contact you to pick up the package for exchange or return of the product. Delivero does not hold or claim any authority over the online stores given on the website. Please bear in mind that extra charges will be levied on international retunes and exchanges.

Payment options:

Delivero is dedicated to make your purchase quick and easy. Once you have submitted the required information to place an order our team will inform you about the total price of your purchase inclusive of service charges to eliminate any ambiguity regarding price and your order will be confirmed. You can then opt from one of these three

payment methods:

Pay by online bank transfer:

You will have to transfer full amount to the bank account number provided by our personnel upon the confirmation of your order.

Pay by Credit card:

In case you wish to make payment via credit card, you need to make purchase directly from the web store you desire to shop from and give them our address for deliver y. Our head office in Dubai will make sure to deliver it at your doorstep. Service charges for delivery will be collected at your doorstep.

Cash on delivery:

Make payment upon receiving your order. Terms and conditions apply.

Privacy policy:

It is a matter of no doubt that all the personal information furnished by our customers stays with us and is not used for any other purpose except for order processing. Bear in mind that Delivero does not intend to sell or redistribute your personal information. Trust is the basic building block upon which the relationship with our customers is built and to protect that we can go to any extent.
We value your privacy and make sure that your information only stays with us. Our website ask only for those details which are vital for your order processing including your name, email address, contact number and your residential address for delivery. As far as the storage is concerned, for future references customer’s data is stored on our server. This practice enables us to create a strong bond with our customers.